What will be in your Mystery Bag?

December 2, 2019

SeneGence is offering Mystery Bags this weekend. No discontinued products, just current products valued at least $100.  I've seen the bags some women have gotten and the contents I've seen so far are Polishing Exfoliator, "normal" lipsense colors, Lash Extender, LipVolumizer, Hand Cream, Body Lotion, Hydrating Mist, Lip Balm and LipLiners... What comes in your bag? Well, it's a mystery, but 50% off! How fun!


I have these on order and I'll have them early next week!


💕Each mystery bag is going to be filled with $100+ of exciting products!! 

$40 each..... If you're interested in orering one, please let me know via email at


I only have a few more available. Tax will be added and shipping charges of $3.50 will apply, unless a total order of $50 or more is made.




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