Try our new app that lets you "try on" LipSense colors!!

April 14, 2019







Have you heard the news about the new SeneGence "SeneLook" app that allows you to see what LipSense colors would look like on your lips before you decide to buy? It is SO cool and easy to use! You just upload a photo of your face that would show different colors clearly, and by selecting a new color at the bottom of the screen, you can instantly see the color on your lips!


You have to remember that the color displays are meant to give you an IDEA, not be taken as gospel. To get the best representation of color, you should take a photo with your makeup done as you would normally wear, but with NO lip color on, so when the LipSense color images are placed on your lips, there is not any change to the image color representation. It's just so fun to play around with.



Download today! My distributor ID is 206089, for reference, but the distributor search may not be working correctly! If the distributor search isn't working right, just close the app then reopen it. Once you are able to pull me up as your distributor, click on my picture/info and it will save me in your system with an easy email link to me.


It really is an awesome app and in the future, they will have it where you can see how different Shadowsense and BlushSense will look on your face, as well!!


It is available for Apple iOS and Android mobile devices. Download today and start playing around. I'd love to hear what you think about it!


Email me at with your thoughts!







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