SeneGence Product Review: LashSense VolumeIntense Mascara

October 24, 2018


Now before anyone says anything, there is something I should let you know...Ever since I turned 40, my eyesight has been going down hill. My closeup vision is pretty much shot, so that is a big reason why I am not a super big eye makeup person and why I don't do fancy shadow blends and such.


I just can't see worth a damn, so pardon the very unprofessional photos I took of me trying out the new mascara. I have to do my eye makeup without my glasses and I am totally like Velma from Scooby Doo "I can't see without my glasses!"


The new LashSense VolumeIntense does what it is supposed to do. It really does build up your lashes and if you can see my natural, unmade up eye, you can see I have VERY light and very fine lashes. The brush on the waterproof formula is a thicker bigger brush which is what I like for my top lashes as it really helps to lift, coat and separate, but for my bottom lashes, I realize I will need to use one of my less thicker brushes for the bottom lashes, just because it is even harder for me to see my bottom lashes to apply evenly. But I really do like this mascara. My eyes don't feel heavy or clumpy, it didn't smear and it went on smoothly.




I'll let you know how it holds up throughout the day, but I can tell you I am really liking it so far. paired with the new eyeliner, it is definitely a win/win for me!


Here I am with both my eyes done and I really like how it looks. It's going to take me a little bit of getting used to the new brush/wand, but I really like this new product!


To order, you can either email me at or order online directly from my SeneGence website at 




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