Spotting Fake LipSense! Know what to look for before you buy!

April 16, 2018


After hearing about the raid a couple of days ago in Los Angeles where $700,000 worth of counterfeit makeup was seized from back alley stalls of the Fashion District, I decided I wanted to do a post about counterfeit LipSense.  Now, I am NOT talking about distributors, current or former, who sell their leftover stock at discounts over what SeneGence distributors are "allowed", but rather the completely FAKE LipSense products that are being sold on secondary sites like Ebay, and through 3rd party sellers. 


Yes, I said


It LOOKS like it is Walmart selling the product, but they are being supplied by 3rd party sellers and for the most part are fake, fake, fake, fake fake...



First, you need to know that our products are made in the USA. In Quality Controlled production facilities. SeneGence products are not made in China, nor will they ever be. Our products are not sold in China either, because the Chinese regulations require that all imported cosmetics undergo animal testing...something that SeneGence does not do. Cosmetics in China are not remotely held to the same standards as they are in the US and Europe. 


Yes, people are buying these fake cosmetics like hotcakes and then turning around and selling them to the consumer who just wants to save some money. Look, I know we are always looking for a bargain. I get it...but also the idea of buying cosmetics with heavy metals (lead, mercury, chromium, etc...), animal feces and god only knows what else and putting them on our faces is just plain disturbing. The recent raids on the discount stalls in Los Angeles stemmed from complaints of customer getting rashes and bad reactions to the products bought there. 


Here is a website where buyers can purchase "LipSense" at wholesale prices...these are all products shipped directly from China. If you look you will see that some of the product names aren't even spelled correctly in the listings. What is most worrisome is the number of items listed as is those products that are winding up on secondary sites and are being sold to consumers who then complain that "LipSense doesn't work like it should" or "it had a bad smell or tasted funny...."



Some Suggestions:

  • Really look at the pictured LipSense items before you buy and compare them to images from reputable sellers. I would be happy to assist you. Are the bottom label fonts different? If so, and it is a current color, it is a fake. 

  • Take a moment to find out where the item is shipped from. If it is from Asia, proof positive, do not pass go or collect $200....It's fake and that's your bright, flashing sign.

  • If possible, contact the seller and have them send you a photo of the product, preferably with the current date so you know they aren't just using an old image stolen from someone else. 

  • If the price is cheap, that is what you are products. 

  • If you order and it arrives and doesn't look right, feel right or smell right, DO NOT USE IT FURTHER. Remove the bottom sticker and look for the color and batch number. If it is not on there, it is a fake. 

I guess the whole point of this (I know I do tend to ramble) is that if you want a good deal, at least go to someone you can trust. Even if they are no longer an active distributor and are just looking to unload the last of their inventory that SeneGence did not buy back from them, you'd have a little bit of piece of mind knowing that you are at the very least getting legitimate product. Granted, you have no recourse if you want to exchange the product or return for a refund, but that is the risk you take if you are just looking for a cheap price.      


Always remember these two things: Caveat Emptor and you get what you pay for!             






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