SeneGence does NOT conduct any animal testing! Yay!

February 28, 2018



I have to start off by saying I am not a member of PETA, I am nowhere even remotely near EVER being a vegetarian and I totally love the feel and smell of leather. That being said, I LOVE the fact that SeneGence is NOT a company that tests on animals!


Per the SeneGence Website:


SeneGence® Product Formulations:

  • No Animal Testing (We test on us!)

  • No animal by-products (We use alternative sources)

  • Use of naturally reoccurring natural ingredients

  • All products formulated with FDA approved ingredients

  • Made in ‘Pharmaceutical Grade’ rated manufacturing facility

  • Made in the United States for stringent quality control

  • Gluten and GMO free (most products)

  • LipSense® contains NO WAX & NO LEAD











I do care about the welfare of animals and have always been an advocate against animal testing since I first became aware of it in the 1980's as a teenager, knowing that there were other, more humane methods of product testing available. Maybe some of you remember the Bloom County comic strip and the books, specifically "Night of the Mary Kay Commandos", where one of the main characters, "Opus, reads that his mother is alive, and has been taken to a cosmetics lab. Opus infiltrates the Mary Kay animal testing lab and witnesses the horrors of animal testing. Before he can reunite with his mother, he is caught in a firefight between the Mary Kay Commandos ("Even their Uzis are pink!") and the Animal Liberation Guerrilla Front. Opus is liberated to his natural habitat, a 7-Eleven ice machine. According to the author, this sequence was at least partly responsible for Mary Kay's 1989 moratorium on animal testing." (thank you Wikipedia!)  I have always tried to purchase products that didn't test on animals, I don't eat veal and I am a pacifist. Call me a hypocrite if you must, but I never claimed to be perfect, but I am proud to be a part of a company that does not test on animals, plain and simple. 


Although Avon, Estee Lauder and Mary Kay do not test on animals any longer in the United States, they DO allow their products to be tested on animals in other countries that require it. This is one of the reasons that we (SeneGence and it's distributors) do not sell any SeneGence products in China, as their government requires health & beauty products imported into China, to be tested on animals. 


For additional reading on China and animal testing, please visit

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