Get Lippy With Stephanie's Top 10 selling LipSense Colors of 2017!

January 5, 2018

2017 was an incredible year for me, y'all! Who knew that selling LipSense would be such an amazingly wonderful experience???!!!! Not only have I totally stepped up my own makeup game, but I have helped hundrered of women find the perfect LipSense Lip Colors for themselves and watched as they have said "Well, I've heard about this stuff and want to try it out..." and turned into full on Lip Crack Junkies. 


Because LipSense is about as addictive as crack. Not that I've ever tried it, but you know what I mean. Once you use LipSense, you're hooked!


Now you have to remember that for about 2/3rds of the year, we were going through a MAJOR our of stock crisis, which I thankfully survived. We had a few new color releases but even then, it was very cut throat in being able to get inventory due to some major computer server issues that were causing ordering times to be as long as 3 hours just to place ONE order for ONE color (back in like April). Colors were hard to come by. I was majorly into trading in order to get what I needed for you lovely ladies and I was truly blessed that I had joined the business in August of 2016, so I was able to establish an inventory to work with through the great color famine of 2017.  It was survival of the fittest. Trading cut into sellers profit margins a great deal (I had over $2000 in postage costs related to trades last year alone!), but as SeneSisters we worked together as a team to help each other out the best we could!


I know a lot of my customers came to me because they found me through Google searches when they were looking for either discontinued colors or colors that they couldn't find through their local distributor. I was glad that I could help you get the colors you wanted, going the extra mile to help you get your unicorn, while never charging you more than retail. When your local distributor said they couldn't get it for you because it was out of stock or discontinued or too hard to find, you gave me the chance to turn their "No" into a "Yes" and earn your business. I hope that you will remember MY dedication and loyalty to you, my customers, when you are looking to make future LipSense purchases!


We're at full inventory now, so I'm looking forward to another great year. One of the most commonly asked questions I get is "What are your best selling colors?" Well, I was able to go back through my records and get a break down of my Top 10 selling colors of 2017. Keep in mind this is not a company wide Top 10 list, but is Get Lippy With Stephanie's best selling colors from all of the past year. Remember that you can order from me at any time at or you can order via my SeneGence website at www. and your products will be shipped directly to you!


Happy 2018 everyone!!!







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