SeneGence is more than just LipSense!

December 5, 2017


Ladies, Ladies, Ladies...I KNOW you love the LipSense and seriously, how could you not? But have you tried our other products? If not, girl, you are missing out!!! SeneGence is more than just LipSense! We have such AMAGING skin care products and no matter what your age....20 or MUST take care of your skin!!


  • Do you use a Daytime Moisturizer every day? Keep your skin moisturized and hydrated this winter!!! We have a moisturizer for each skin type!

  • Nangai Oil...Seriously this stuff is the bomb!!! I was worried that it would make my skin feel heavy or oily and this stuff is as light as air, plus it contains our patented SenePlex Complex which helps promote increased collagen production for healthier, new looking skin!

  • Silk Pore and Winkle Minimizer...Smells like orchids, feels like silk and helps give you that flawless finish! It's like primer in a small bottle!

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to our amazing skin care. Climate Control is liquid gold in a bottle. SeneSerum C is like magical face renewing serum (well, not magical, but darn near it!) Remember ladies, I USE thes products and I think that at age 45, I'm not looking to shabby face wise! Now only if SeneGence could develop a cream to melt away about 30 extra pounds. :D


You can order via my SeneSite at today and have your order in time for the holidays!


So here I am, from bare faced to fabulous in just 15 minutes top!


SeneGence Products used: Dry Skin Daytime Moisturizer, Color Correcting Tinted Moisturizer (Light), Moca Java and Onyx ShadowSense (eyes & brows), Cranberry LipSense with Orchid Gloss. Order online today at #LipSenseCranberry #LipSenseOrchidGloss #SeneGenceBeforeandAfter


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