LipSense put to the test on "The Doctors" today...

October 7, 2017

Per our SeneGence Home Office:


SeneGence was excited to see that LipSense® passed every long-lasting test, with flying colors, from the show, The Doctors! The women from the show that tested LipSense confirmed what you already know and love about LipSense- it’s smudge-proof, budge-proof, kiss-proof, and waterproof. When paired with our moisturizing LipSense glosses that contain shea butter and vitamin E, LipSense is an incredibly long-lasting lip color system (4-18 hours!) that actually helps to condition and improve the look and feel of your lips when used over time.


While the testers and panelists generally have very good things to say about the benefits and claims pertaining to LipSense, there were a few vague comments about the ‘feel’ and perceived ‘effect’ of the product and non-specific musings about a few of the ingredients. We thought it would be more appropriate – and informative - to relate some actual facts about those ingredients.


Firstly, please be assured that all ingredients used in LipSense, and of course all SeneGence products, are permitted ingredients under the FDA regulations, for use in cosmetic products.


As for the discussed ingredients, and their actual effects:


1. Denatured alcohol, present in LipSense. This ingredient evaporates almost immediately when LipSense is applied, leaving the lips with a beautiful layer of color. The evaporative process may give the sensation of drying, however there is no actual drying taking place.


2. Acrylate Copolymer, present in LipSense. This ingredient also has no physical drying effect, and does not cause a drying sensation. In fact, because it creates a film on the surface of the lips, it actually promotes hydration by reducing or blocking loss of existing moisture within the user’s lips.


3. Butylene Glycol, present in LipSense. This ingredient is contained in a large number, if not the majority, of skin care products currently on the market. Remember, lips are skin. In addition, it has no physical drying effect.

In addition to the above, SeneGence provides a moisturizing gloss, which we recommend for use with our patented long lasting liquid lip color. Our gloss contains shea butter for both the feel of, and actual, moisturizing results. We suggest you try LipSense and decide for yourself, and not rely on the vague and uninformed opinions of others.




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