You won't believe what an eBay LipSense seller told me when I contacted them about plagiarism...

July 5, 2017

So a couple of weeks ago I had to contact a seller on Ebay who was selling LipSense products (a huge no-no) and was using my graphics, my EXACT WORDING taken directly from this website as their description on their sale of Goddess LipSense. I had to go all Julia Sugarbaker on them, and if you don't know who Julia Sugarbaker is, Google "Designing Women". She was not afraid to put people in their place and well, when it comes to my business, neither am I.


So the seller responded:


Can we all give a collective "Eeeewwww, Gross!!!"  the LipSense Blackberry that you are thinking of buying for the price of a 3 day pass to Disney, is going to come from these people? How do you know it is even legitimate LipSense? That it didn't "fall off the back of a truck" and was stolen merchandise? That it had been kept in proper climate controlled conditions rather than a burning up warehouse with no A/C...




And honestly, is that what you want to put on your face? Sellers who have employees that have no qualms about stealing from other's websites doesn't say much for the company. Don't trust them with your money or your health!


Learn more about the issues with Counterfeit and Fraud on secondary websites:


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