Order my in-stock inventory today via my SeneGence SeneSite!

July 5, 2017


Oh My Goodness, I am SO excited!!! SeneGence has been making updates to improve the look and the user-friendliness of our official SeneGence websites, and I am smiling wide. Before, when you went to one of the distributor's SeneSites, it would only show the items in-stock company wide, so that way, people couldn't order products and pay for items that were out of stock, be it LipSense colors, ShadowSense EyeShadows or SeneDerm Skin Care products. In theory, it makes sense, but MANY distributors, like myself, carry inventory personally so we are able to fill customer orders upon request. For example, if Suzie Creamcheese was interested in purchasing Bella, Fire N Ice and Napa, if she went to my SeneSite and they were out of stock company wide, they would not even be visible as an ordering option. However, I actually have those colors available for customers were missing out!




This is a picture I had on hand of just what some of my stock looks like in my office...just waiting to be ordered and find a home. Now with the changes that SeneGence has made, I can upload my personal inventory (of the current 36 colors available) onto my SeneSite, so when you, the customer visits my SeneSite, if you see it on the website, it means it is available and ready to ship by me, even if it is sold out company wide!!! How awesome is that???


Our SeneSite does not allow us to upload our inventory of retired & discontinued colors at the present time, so if you see that I have a retired color posted of sale on my Get Lippy With Stephanie main ordering page (HERE) just contact me via email at or via the email contact form and I can get you an order together!


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