Introducing the 2016 Winter collection: I LOVE the Icicle LipSense!!!

November 4, 2016

In case you haven't heard, SeneGence has come out with the Limited Edition 2016 Winter collection of LipSense shades, perfect for the holiday season! There's Gingerbread- a shimmering light taupe, Pumpkin Spice- an earthy frosted copper, Snow- a glistening ivory that makes a beautiful topper over any LipSense shade, or Icicle- a crystal LipSense that you can use as a clear layer under or over any LipSense shade to achieve lighter, softer color saturation.



Icicle LipSense is a crystal clear LipSense shade that you can use under or over any LipSense shade to achieve lighter color saturation. Which limited-edition holiday color is your favorite? If you look at the picture above you can see how the Icicle tones down a very vibrant Blu Red. I am SOOOOOOOOOO excited that they have this LipSense "color" now. Even though it's clear, it's not a gloss. It has all the staying power of the colored colors, but with no color. I know that for me, a girl pale than an uncooked holiday turkey, I tend to stay away from the darker colors I would love, love love to try, but I fear that I would be reverting back to my retro-90's Goth look and well, at 44, I'm a little too "mom" to pull off that look now (although I still am a goth/industrial music fan in my heart!) and using Icicle LipSense would be a perfect way for me to pull off a Plum, Berry or even a blended/layerd Blackberry color. To quote the Pointer Sisters..."I'm So Excited!!!"


And yes, I quoted the Pointer Sisters after saying I used to be Goth. I'm a former radio dj and music junkie and I like ALL genres, so give me a pass on that one!


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