We all have times when we have NO clue what to get our loved ones and gift certificates are a great way to go! I make it SO, SO, SO simple for you to get a LipSense gift certificate for your wife, girlfriend, boss, sister, mother, coworker, best friend... Anyone you know would love the gift of fabulous lips and great looking skin!!! 

You name the holiday: Christmas, Hanaukkah, Mother's Day, Labor Day or your best friend's birthday, you name it....I can customize a gift certificate for you!


They are available in any dollar amount, although a good starting point would be for $55 which is the cost of the Starter Collection that comes with one LipSense color, 1 Glossy Lip Gloss and 1 Oops! Remover. If the person you are giving it to is a regular LipSense user, just keep in mind that Glosses are $20 and Colors are $25.  I can help you figure out what the right amount would be for what you think that special man or woman would like.


And the certificate can be used on any SeneGence product in stock: ShadowSense Eye Shadow, MakeSene Foundation, any of our skin care line. My Gift Certificate is good on ANY in-stock product (no special orders for discontinued products). Each gift certificate will be numbered and signed by me and to redeem, all they would need to do is email me their order and provide me the certificate # and then I will place their order! Easy Peasy...

To place a Gift Certificate order, just send me an email at sjoy1972@gmail.com and I will get right back to you! These are some examples of my Valentine's Day Birthday, Mother's Day, Christmas and Hanukkah certificates (the "sample" watermark will not be on the certificate!)

SeneGence & LipSense Christmas Gift Certificate
LipSense SeneGence Christmas Gift Certificate
Reindeer Christmas Gift Certificate Card
Happy Hanukkah LipSense Gift Certificate Card
Teal LipSense Gift Card Certificate Any Amount
LipSense SeneGence Birthday Gift Certificate
LipSense Mother's Day Gift Certificates

To order any gift certificate, contact me via the form below and I will get right back to you!

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