Current in-stock, ready to ship discontinued colors

$25.00, unless otherwise noted. 


Please know that I am happy to try and locate a discontinued color for you, but I do have a few "rules":


If you have me search for a hard to find color, you will be invoiced when you order and it must be paid within 12 hrs. 

If you want me to locate a color for you, please note that I DO NOT SET THE PRICE ON THAT COLOR.  On discontinued colors I get in stock to sell directly to my customers, I charge a set price. If you are asking me to locate a color for you, I will let you know what the cost would be once I can locate it and you can then decide yes or no. I am just a "middleman" and I do NOT profit off these transactions. All sales are final on sales of discontinued colors. 


I will ship your order to you free of charge, but you will be responsible for any shipping costs incurred with me getting the color for you, as this would be a special order and not something I have on hand ready to ship out. 

 Inventory changes daily/weekly with discontinued colors. Colors below are updated daily.  To order a discontinued color, please contact me directly, as they are not available to order on my SeneGence ordering site. Thanks!

Contact me to place an order or ask any questions! 

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