Have you thought about becoming a SeneGence Distributor but just weren't quite ready to take the plunge? Wait no longer....


 All qualifying orders of 300 PV or more will be at a 50% discount for your first 90 days.


If interested, email me at sjoy1972@gmail.com for more information or if you are ready to jump in and take charge of your future and become a SeneGence leader, CLICK HERE!



SeneGence listened to what new distributors are looking for and as a new distributor, you have the option to get your business up and running with a choice of 3 different New Distributor kits with at least a 50% percent savings!


I have to say I wish they had these for new distributors when I first started back in 2016! With the Qualified Distributor Kit, in addition to the Lips Demo Kits with the sample Sizes to use on your Demos, you get at the very minimum 12 LipSense Colors, 12 Glosses, 6 removers & your personal SeneGence Website free for 3 months (after that it is $9.99/month)


It's like a new business in a box! Now all that is needed is for you to set your hesitation aside and join today!

Sign Up for Free this September!

Here is the link to sign up as a SeneGence Distributor, but if you want more information, feel free to contact me at sjoy1972@gmail.com


I promise to be completely transparent on how things work and let you make an educated decision!


Just in case you have any issue and may need to give my SeneGence ID number, it is 206089


In September of 2017, the SeneGence Jump Start program was launched and was just updated in May 2018! Become a distributor & get 50% off for your first three months (90 days) when you place a 300 PV order (if you don't already know what that means, it's a great deal!)  Message me for more details. This is exciting! If you have been on the fence about joining, you may want to jump on this opportunity! ❤️ 

If you'd like to become a distributor, but you don't have the money to spend up-front to build your intventory, you can always FLIP YOUR PARTY!!! This is a great way to gauge interest among your friends and family and there is no financial commitment. You can host a Facebook online party and if you have at least $375 in sales, you can Flip Your Party and sign up as a distributor, order the product directly AND earn free product for yourself to keep or sell later for profit!

Flip Your Party!
Join my Get Lippy With Stephanie LipSense Team today!

 The beauty about signing up to become a Senegence Distributor is that you are your own boss! 


Here are some little facts about joining this party!

👄 It's $55 annual distributor fee to become a SeneGence Distributor (waived September 2018)
👄 Receive 20-50% off all SeneGence products, discount based on the order size.
👄 No auto ships! 
👄 No monthly minimums 
👄 Make SERIOUS cash through direct sales and team commissions.
👄 Make new friends. 
👄 Qualify for free cars and trips!

Now think beyond the scope of cosmetics and skincare. What are YOUR goals? No matter how big or small, we believe you can reach them. SeneGence gives you the choice to love the products, love the lifestyle or both, but on your terms. I am my own boss and now the owner of Get Lippy With Stephanie, LLC.  So many opportunities lie ahead for you....your future is in your own hands.

Work hard, Work Smart and the Rewards are endless!


 I am here to offer you as much or as little help as you need. Aren't sure how to set up a Facebook group, I gotcha...I'll have one whipped up for you in an hour. Need help with graphics or product information? You'll be added to the team Facebook groups, graphics groups and will have everything you need to succeed at your fingertips! You have to work, build your customer base and get out there and show people how amazing LipSense is, but I'm here to help and support you along the way!

Take your pick: Customer or Distributor? When you break through your boundaries, where will you be? We are the vehicle to drive you there. Enjoy the ride, love your life, love your skin. Be glamorous – be you! 

​© 2016-2019 by Get Lippy with Stephanie, LLC

Stephanie Joy SeneGence Independent Distributor #206089