After 3 and 1/2 years of being a SeneGence Distributor, I've decided to focus more on my family and my own personal well being, so I am closing up shop.

I know that you will be in need of future LipSense Distributors, so I can highly recommend the following distributors to use in the coming year. I know them personally and after talking with them, they are happy to take care of any of your future LipSense or SeneGence needs:


Julie Stone (in Florida, great for the Southeast)


Karisa Smith (in Las Vegas, great for the West Coast!)


Shelly Corlew (located in Ohio, perfect for Midwest):


Jessica Landress (in Massachusetts, ideal for the MidAtlantic/NorthEast):

With highest regards and the utmost gratitude,

Stephanie ❤️

Get Lippy with Stephanie  Palm Bay, Florida